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Ranking & Reaching 3/3: About My Tribes

by Saul Fleischman on August 11, 2011

What to know about the Triberr Tribes that I am building

What works for building small blog-promotion communities, as well

As promised, I will conclude this three article series on blog promotion and developing Triberr tribes well with how to get help with tribe-selection, since its quite likely that none of my own tribes are just right for you. This applies to the majority of bloggers, so no hard feelings, either way, please; its a matter of aligning what we blog about and also, considering the social media authority that bloggers bring to tribes (read: us Chiefs attempt to guess-timate how many page views you will drive). In fact, when I cannot offer an applicant to one of my tribes a place, I have been speaking with them and helping them decide if blog cross promotion ad sharing is really right for them, and if so, making a wise entry into Triberr (via the right group or “tribe”), and getting the most out of what’s possible, using my knowledge of and connections in the Triberr community.

In this article, let me tell you what you should know about my tribes, whether you are considering applying or, just to see what works for developing a cohesive, on-brand, targetted feed tribe. First, I will provide a run-down on the tribes I have created, a brief look at their themes and requirements, and links that non-Triberr members can use to peruse the full descriptions and requirements.

My non-closed Tribes, with space for a few more bloggers each are listed below, along with a partial list of requirements. Please review “Member Requirements” (from the links provided) carefully before selecting a good fit for your blog and Twitter account:

Slammin’ SEO

We blog on SEO, blogging, monetizing blogs and sites, platforms, plugins, widgets, services, ideas, web tech, and a bit of social media. We just started, but already reach 33,000 with our first four members. For those with a good blog but small Twitter following, some pro bono SEO work can get you in Slammin’ SEO. Email me with your blog URL and Twitter handle, and kindly suggest what you might be able to bring to the table. See what we’re about and who we are.

Japan Networking – Latest Update: new chief – Sandor Benko, the Hungarian Online Entrepreneur of Aichi Prefecture

Apply to Sandor, the tribe is now his. They are Japan bloggers who blog in English. Original content and a Twitter following of 5,000 or more will get you serious consideration for this tribe, which currently reaches 143,000 and has 8 members. See what they’re about and who we are.

The Business of Change

This tribe focuses on entrepreneurship and consulting, solopreneurship, and related topics. This blog promotion group is tight, supportive, collaborative and as such, is pretty tough to enter. We have grown to twenty members and a reach of over 500,000 in Twitter, and consider new tribespeople blogging on starting up, business coaching, tips and tools of social media, with Twitter accounts with 10K+ Twitter followers. We only consider bloggers with Twitter and/or StumbleUpon accounts with high true authority (ask – Klout alone doesn’t cut it for me) and have what appears to us to be qualities in their social presence that will contribute to our collective brass ring: numerous pageviews. See what we’re about and who we are.

Social Media Moguls

We boast huge with just a few members, and look for prominent names in social media with Twitter followings of 50,000+. See what we’re about and who we are.

Social Media Makers

We reach many, we have high Klout, solid social media and tech and social networking blogs and due to all of us carrying a volume of Triberr tweets on our Twitter accounts, this tribe is all but capped off. Please be Ben Parr or Pete Cashmore himself or nearly as prominent to avoid me having to gently explain the problems with including you in this tribe. But keep your ego in check; while your blog may be in the AdAge top 50, and/or Klout has scored you 70+, and last book on Oprah’s reading list, we are all fairly prominent, and the tribal reach is one of the highest of any Triberr tribe (plus, our members consistently actively check in to approve posts – and also, have been selected as those who drive very high pageviews). See what we’re about and who we are.


This tribe is about entrepreneurship, business coaching, networking, and tips and tools of social media.Perhaps none of the above suits your needs, or the requirements seem foreboding. If you do not have solid blog, while I can suggest ideas for how to begin strong and hit the ground running, I cannot place you in a tribe or recommend any. If you run a good blog (regardless of the size of your Twitter following), I can probably help you determine if Triberr is something for you, and if it is, help you find a way to begin enjoying Triberr goodness as soon as possible.


For all the Tribes that I develop, the below conditions are in effect:

1.While Triberr allows you to install up to three .rss and up to three Twitter accounts, your invitation to any of my tribes is dependent on your using an appropriate .rss (talk with me if unsure) and also a specific Twitter account. When you have one account with 20K followers, listed 600 times… and another with 114 followers, etc., and you install the lil’ one, I’ll see that as you wanting the benefit of our huge reach and pageviews – but you are willing to contribute your lesser account to our party. This wont fly.

2. We do not accept for the tribal feed blog posts containing affiliate links, local seminars, compensated product reviews, or heavy on self-promotion, please understand. If your blog has some informative posts and also some posts that would be in on way or another wrong for a tribe, just ask me how to do a custom .rss feed – so we only get your non-selling, non-self-promotional posts. As such, we’d surely be happy to have you with us. In Triberr, besides the up-to-three Twitter accounts that you can connect, and then designate which tribes get which Twitter account to tweet from (and collect mentions on, when tribe members share your blog posts).

Be sure to read the preceding articles in the Ranking & Reaching three-part series:

Ranking & Reaching 1/3: Blog Cross-Promotion

Ranking & Reaching 2/3: Your Ideal Tribe

About Saul Fleischman

Founder of emerging social media tool sites. Bootstrapping innovation with lean startup development teams. I do project management, user experience, PR, marketing and community development. size it!

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  • Stan Faryna

    Lions, Tigers and Bears – oh my!

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  • KrisOlin

    Saul, I think your basic principles and guidelines for building and managing Tribes are quite good. Especially after our Skype session this morning I see where you are coming from as a Triberr chief.

    • Saul Fleischman

      Thanks, Kris. I am careful, I build them strong, but members of my tribes seem to like that I do that – once they’re in. Please see pt.2 of this series, especially for the great arguments in the comments! Lots of disagreements, and you’ll see that not everyone who I cannot give an invitation to a tribe to… goes away happy…

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