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by Mike Simon on March 31, 2012


Connex.Us bolsters and assists you with your social media “Inner Circle”

Our dynamic new network will make intelligent suggestions about sharing with those you interact with the most.

Connex.Us is a social networking site that helps you start conversations, and respects your privacy.

Social media is one of the most exciting new technologies of the past decade, but with it has come a few challenges. Major social networks have become the source of endless privacy concerns where users are asked to give away more and more personal information.

Share, in your comfort zone


We at Connex.Us feel that anonymity and being able to choose if or how much you share is important. To that end, we have created a social network where you can identify yourself with as little as your preferred username and password, or as much as your email and real name. You can connect to other social networks and share into them, or invite your friends into Connex.Us where only you and your friends know your real identities.

The gamification of social networking has created an exciting, competitive environment.

Because of the growing number of social networks, this has led to ways of automating tweets and content delivery to the masses. The unfortunate side effect is that more time is spent finding, scheduling, and disseminating content than interacting with the friends. This has been called The Share-ocalpse, and the challenge gets bigger every day.


We meet this challenge with Connex.Us “Sharables”. If you choose to connect Connex.Us to your social networks, you can start using Sharables, which pay attention to what you share, and who replies, retweets or discusses it, and makes intelligent suggestions about sharing with those you interact with the most. Connex.Us will also help manage social gaming site Empire Avenue, a social networking stock exchange, by simplifying your notifications and automating reciprocal buy backs. No more spread sheets. No more data entry. Let us do the work for you! In this way, Connex.Us gets content delivery out of your way and helps you re-engage with the people you care about. You can stop broadcasting, stop worrying about maintaining your numbers, and start talking again.

Sharables can be customized based on what you love to read. You can add your own RSS feeds and Connex.Us will function as your news reader, letting you share, curate and save links to stories that you care about the most. will connect us

We hope you find these features as compelling and useful as we do! Please see our Connex.Us Rockethub crowdfunding page, invest in Connex.Us (or at least a tweet, comment (ideas for the campaign would be awesome!), or share would be much appreciated) and help us achieve our goal of giving back your privacy, and getting back to real, meaningful, relevant conversation, no matter where you want to have it.

The Crowdfunding – I would really appreciate your feedback on the campaign. What incentives do you think would inspire your support? Let us know – we listen!

About Mike Simon

Mike Simon is a UX Architect who has worked at Microsoft, Intellectual Ventures and a few places he really can't talk about. He has a passion for writing, art, gadgets, music, programming, social networking, privacy, and family. size it!

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  • Gaye Crispin

    Looks great. Thanks for sharing. Where’s the link to join? Is it that one up there on left Saul :)

    • Saul Fleischman

      Thanks @gayecrispin and yes, the bottom of the blog post body has the link to the crowdfunding page. @nixkuroi (Mike) would love ideas on what you think might motivate people to contribute.

  • Srivatsan

    I guess by getting to know and create an inner circle of people with similar likes and dislikes and business needs and interests each person’s professional needs, queries etc will be answered. What else to say.

  • waynehurlbert

    Thanks for sharing this very promising concept of crowdfunding. It has enormous potential.

  • Alexander BK

    Looks like I am going to join.

  • Nicolas Liu

    I don’t think there’s a question to answer but to share, right?

    • Saul Fleischman

      Yes, thanks @nicolasliu – sharing is caring. And if you have a thought about the crowdfunding campaign, what would inspire you to contribute? Mike @nixkuroi is listening :-)

    • Gaye Crispin

      It doesn’t matter Nicolas, was a bit hard to see, but the question was “What incentives do you think would inspire your support? “

  • Tom Laing

    I wouldn’t mind joining to see what is behind the closed door. Then I may consider financial support.

    • Gaye Crispin

      Me too Tom :)

    • Saul Fleischman

      Check out the video in and I think you’ll understand why getting behind this project was an easy choice for me.

  • Andreas Wiedow

    What incentives do you think would inspire your support? Business relevance.

  • Nicolas Liu

    One more thing (or two). The button to the left is awkwardly positioned that I can only see the top half. The share for Facebook is only a link which is not very attractive for me to share. Please put a short description and make them pretty for the person who share.

    • Saul Fleischman

      what browser do you use, @nicolasliu ? Everything looks/works fine for me, in Firefox and Chrome. What do you suggest for a better Facebook share “thing,” if the link you mentioned is not right? Thanks, in advance – we love ideas to improve from!

  • layanglicana

    To be honest, at this stage I do not understand enough about how it would work to be able to recommend it to anyone else. Managing social media is becoming so complex and time-consuming and I am already signed up to various programs/applications which claim to simplify things and which demand too much in return. Could you include a video of how it would work?

    • Gaye Crispin

      I agree Laura. A video would be good.

      • Saul Fleischman

        Yes, ladies, actually a video is enbedded in the RocketHub page. The thing is, there are so many more sharing possibilities with a WordPress blog than that page – that we decided to introduce the project here, and share.
        Also, since I study and use crowdsourcing and crowdfunding myself, and love what Mike is doing with, the fit was perfect for a guest post. Check out the video in and I think you’ll understand why getting behind this project was an easy choice for me.

  • Mike Bazaluk

    Is the crowdfunding the same as Williams kiva project ??

    • Saul Fleischman

      that might be another example. Crowdfunding: rather than going to one source for a big sum, we ask for small investements/donations from many and hopefully many who will be inspired by the good in what we’re aiming to do.

    • Mike Simon

      It also differs from Kiva in that where Kiva is a loan, Kickstarter and Rockethub are more like a donation/value barter where you get various incentives to invest at each level. It’s currently illegal in the US to give out actual shares or company ownership without going through a major exchange, so this is the model that’s been evolving online for a while as legislators try to wrestle the power to control the brokerage of investments from the major exchanges to whomever wants to sell shares of their own company.

  • Michelle Gilstrap

    Is there a question here? Somewhere I’m mission it?

    • Gaye Crispin

      Yes, Michelle… What incentives do you think would inspire your support?

  • Ramesh Shankerlal

    I did not find any question here….i shared ….Thanks Gaye!

  • Jill

    This is an interesting idea I would need more info, or a visualization in some idea of how this would work/ benefit me.

    • Saul Fleischman

      Yes, that would be in

  • Ernest Koncaba

    Being able to leave a comment without having to become a member. The more I am able to do as a guest, the more apt I am to WANT to become a member.

  • SEOcopy

    I haven’t even been on EA yet (today), but I’ll assume there’s a mission here ;) After reading however I do have a few questions. How is this different that let’s say Tribber/Buffer or any other community that’s out there helping their groups share? Why would I join this Connex? (minus the EA association which is “big”) In conclusion I do like the investment part, that’s always a big plus especially since tech is getting harder & harder to invest in…. thanks in advance ;)

  • rictownsend

    A more clear explanation of how it works… an example perhaps…!

    • Saul Fleischman

      Its all right in here – and the short video explains perfectly – But Richard, please tell us, if you can, what kind of rewards would inspire donations?

  • Anne Thomas

    I am not quite sure I understand this

    • Saul Fleischman

      Could you see this, @annethomas and let us know how we should inspire investors better?

  • Mithu Hassan

    Where is the question :-)

  • CP

    WHAT INCENTIVES or SUGGESTIONS TO ENCOURAGE FINANCE SUPPORT CONNEX ? To start with, privacy is passe’ if you want privacy unplug from all media and move into a remote area, become a monk, with no address, towers, cell phone, and communicate with only those who’ve sworn to keep the secret of your location.

    For the purpose of this creative and thoughtful effort.
    1. gather as many members as possible over a period of time, say 3 months, and gain a massive following.2. during the aforementioned fully demonstrate the benefits and disclose that it’s understood they will be asked to invest X when the trial period is over or be deleted.3. background of the creators and administrators.

  • Sam

    Thank you but I think there is a limit to what I want to share. I am not very clear about this and so don’t think I am interested.

  • Liz Hall

    Happy to check out any new site and will determine later whether an investment is a good choice for me. One idea I had was to give out virtual shares so the interactive experience can be tried and proven to be unique. Just a thought……Have a great weekend!

  • David Sanger

    “What incentives do you think would inspire your support? ”

    I think you have build the platform first,and make it free and easy to use, then people will begin to use it and if it is good, support it.

  • Michele Eisenberg

    I don’t know how to answer because I’m not fully understanding how this works. Maybe is it were written for lay people not tech people?

  • Candace Mountain

    It really depends on the type of support required. Financial support is a tough thing to request from a starving author though there are other ways to provide support which would then come down to the cause and the level of belief I have in it.

  • J. B. King

    How easy is it to use? Will it take me hours to set up or just minutes? As powerful as it appears, I question how much of a learning curve am I taking to get good value from such a system would be my first concern.

    Secondly, there seems to be a bit of a contradiction in this post. Where there is mention of automating content that appears negative, at least as I’m reading this post, there is then the automating buys on Empire Avenue that would appear to be such a thing. Thus it isn’t clear to me what is being backed here. Privacy is a rather fickle thing as each person has their own writing style that if one sees enough content then there is a chance to discern the person anyway. Thus there is a bit of a smoke screen here that I’m not quite sure I understand.

  • Maya Artrotter

    Where is the question? I was asked before if I’m interested to recommend Connex.Us but I don’t know enough about it for doing so

  • :::: Crowd Funding World ::::

    good luck

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