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@BlackCaesarX & @BigSoul on the “Jerk Movement”

by Saul Fleischman on April 18, 2012

IkohausMusicGroup @BlackCaesarX & Vlado’s @BigSoul on the “Jerk Movement”

“Kid Soul” (of Vlado Footwear) and Carlos Romero @BlackCaesarX have talked at length from time to time and even though they may not have seen eye to eye in every conversation, the positive impact that Kid Soul brings to the Jerk Movement is undoubtedly the heart that keeps the “Jerkin” non-violent, non-negative hip hop movement alive.

Kid Soul (from his Facebook Page)

Kid Soul: in his element

Vlado Footwear

Marketing Manager · Los Angeles, California
marketing manager of vlado footwear and the jerk movement also founding member of the Breakfast Club

If you don’t remember breakin’ or lockin’, perhaps you remember

Crunk: the dance form

You see back in the day about 2009 or so after the “Krunk” period of Tommy The Clown kind of subsided the youth still looked for a means of expression and with the advent of the New Boyz “Your a Jerk” with the dancing of the Power Rangers, Jerkin’ was born.

The Jerk Movement: non-violent hip hop

The Jerk movement started as a loosely knit gathering of like-minded youth, tired of the Hip Hop violent Rapper image, after all the youth just wanted to have fun and enjoy life, before any Rodney King type episodes might befall them in the then ever present state of an unequal justice America. But, they had no organization, and only the one group New Boyz and the Power Rangers dance group to express this new artistic dance form.

“Enter Kid Soul a former group member of a rap group, I’m not sure which one he’s kind of humble about his beginnings. Someone had to take the lead in keeping this art form alive, so Kid Soul was already entrenched in the movement, realizing the nascent art form needed dance gear and aligned himself with Vlado Footwear and came up with a functional design for the demands of Jerk dancing.” (Carlos Romero)

Carlos AKA “BlackCaesarX” vs Kid Soul – on seeing eye-to-eye, a thing to aspire to

!kohausMusicGroup Founder, Carlos Romero

So there you have it an authoritative glimpse into who “Kid Soul” really is and what he means to the Jerk movement. Now “Kid Soul” is the pragmatist / Carlos Romero @BlackCaesarX is more the artistic purist and traditional in terms as the Jerk Movement as an art form. “Maybe one day we can collaborate on a more functional Jerk Dance shoe, because I believe it is more “quality than quantity” and meet somewhere in the middle pushing the Jerk movement to all new heights.”

As for our place in the movement, Carlos and I see the kids having their videos lifted, mashed up, and sold on multiple sharing networks. We aim to empower the “Jerks” with tactics and technology that will help them retain the rights – and the profits – from the stuff they make.

!kohausMusicGroup: Grassroots Social Action

More on Carlos, !kohausMusicGroup, and far more videos from the Jerk Movement can be found here.

About Saul Fleischman

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  • Mike Simon

    That is probably the most irritating song I’ve ever heard. It literally forced me to turn the channel every time I heard it, and I LOVE hip hop.

    • ☠CPirateTV☠

      That’s the same thing I thought about Jimi Hendrix and Afrika Bambataa’s Soul Sonic Force the first time I heard their music. The movement has grown since 2009 and it main contribution is Non-Violence, that’s the main benefit.

      • Mike Simon

        I loved Hendrix and Afrika Bambataa the first time I heard them. Sugar Hill Gang and the Clash too. :)

        But I’m firmly behind the message. Is there another song that I can get behind that pushes the message?

    • Saul Fleischman

      You know what, @nixkuroi:twitter ? I can’t listen to the song through to the end. On the other hand, having heard how the “jerks” are actually moving hip-hop in a less “gangsta” direction, @twitter-5680532:disqus and I like to showcase what they’re doing. The sound, though? Not me at all.

  • Solitary Mama

    There are way worse songs out there. I appreciate the message behind it and the fact that for younger people, it isn’t the bitch or ass words that are repeated throughout. Good luck to Carlos and Saul on the project.

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