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Teen TEDxOSAKA Disruption

by Saul Fleischman on May 2, 2012

Inspiration Arrives in Osaka

at the second annual TEDxOSAKA

Kyosuke Yamamoto made the long trip from Chiba to Osaka and took the stage – without an invitation to speak!

This young man is my inspirer of the year so far: Must-see. The youngest TEDxOSAKA disrupter I have ever seen.

Get to know this kid, click the “disrupter” link above to see his talk, and you tell me: is Kyosuke going to change the world or are these kids?


Kyosuke Yamamoto: What He's About

Kyosuke’s site is in Japanese. I’d say that his presentation English is pretty good for his age, though.

Who inspirers you most right now: anyone, of any age?

Who is leading you to change what you are doing with your life?

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  • Anonymous Coward

    What a crock of shit. This kid was a planted advertisement for the sponsor/presenter Sugimoto. This stunt will probably cost TEDxOsaka their license.

    • Saul Fleischman

      That’s an interesting take on the thing the kid did. I still am in awe of the guts he showed in doing what he did.

      • Romero

        Probably paid under the table

    • Ben Smith

      It did seem like it had been somewhat planned beforehand given that he knew Sugimoto san, but I don’t think it was intended to be an advertisement. Either way the kid is certainly smart for his age and had some guts getting up in front of so many people.

      • Saul Fleischman

        Well, @hellosmithy:disqus the fact that no one but Sugimoto (and I) are sharing the video, and the 3D modeling bit sure seemed forced and “planted” into that speech… and further research shows the kid to be much the “one-trick-pony”; he gives the exact same presentation again and again, always with the plug for the 3D model producer and always the same presentation.

        If I had the time, I’d ask the TEDx people to look into whether they really want people using the TED event brand as a place to sneak in “infomercial” presentations. I wonder who might beat me to doing that…?

  • Ross Quintana

    Interesting video, It is cool to see any young person have the drive to create a project like this.

  • Dumitru Mihaila

    let’s please give more weight to the fact that we are just passing on this earth and do everything possible to not destroy it .

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