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What to use to search tags for social networks?

by Saul Fleischman on June 6, 2012

There is no shortage of Twitter tool sites

For tagging content well, my team has a hunch you would prefer concise, tight data on tags related to your content, tags associated with a word string you provide, rather than…

My small team is designing a tool that will help you isolate the best topics and tags to associate with your content – based on the constraints of networks that you share on and also based on topic/tag popularity on different networks.

And then, we’re bootstrapping it – just making it, rather than putting on a dog and pony show for investor “angels” or venture capital groups who are invariably looking for the quickest possible “exit strategy.”  If we were to go that route, it might look like…

RiteTag Presentation

Ready to try a new tool that lets you search a term and gives you the most associated tags – in numerous social networks?  We are just taking beta signups – Ritetag is right  here.

About Saul Fleischman

Founder of emerging social media tool sites. Bootstrapping innovation with lean startup development teams. I do project management, user experience, PR, marketing and community development. size it!

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  • Andy Nathan

    Saul-if you are looking to connect with other product creators hit me up on skype sometime. There are some groups that might be a good fit.

    • Saul Fleischman

      Thanks. Not doing information products, actually. RiteTag is a social media tool – a search tool that takes your query and selection of social netowrks you post content to, and shows you tags to consider. We also show you who is using them, how many times, and most importantly, examples of the kind of content that goes with a tag. You thus learn what a tag is about.
      I am always interested in connecting with more builders: Zend and other php framework developers, .net, Java and Rails developers, and for front-end, responsive web designers, UI experts, and so on. So sure, let’s SKYPE on what you know of, and happy to tell you about RiteTag and other projects, if interested.

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