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Bootstrapping Social Startups is Workshopping

by Saul Fleischman on December 26, 2012

A Googleplus community in action

The Bootstrapping Social Startups Community is talking, workshopping, and growing daily.  We actually started with the LinkedIn Group, three years ago, and as that group continues to grow and has members collaborating, such as Greg Viloria and Sean Charles, with the Socialtime Show (a G+  hangoutonair)

This is just the first, innaugural G+ Hangoutonair for the Bootstrapping Social Startups G+ Community in Google+ and I would like to thank special guest, Chris Voss for getting with us, along with Bootstrappers members, Jakub Wenerski, Max Avroutski, Drew Jones, Rainer Schlawginski, Sudesh Solanki, David Stickney, and Nadia Yvette Chambers for being a part of it:

Finding Collaborators for Bootstrapped Projects

Two days later, we did a very similar event, discussing other tactics and platforms we use:

Bootstrapping Social Startups Workshop: Startup Dating

Needless to say, but this second event on startup dating, or finding co-founders, will not be a re-run. I will be bringing more go-to sites that I use for building relationships with potential allies and collaborators, and hope that those who join us will please come with something to share with others.

In the first event, I discussed the LinkedIn Group that I established 3 years ago and continue to develop, as well as what Michal Hudecek
established and I contribute to, “500+ startup ideas from the crowd: IdeasWatch.” Drew talked on what he’s doing with the new Myspace, and Chris gave a most powerful and generous case for his practice of building a cost-free “VIRTUAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS,” suggesting we begin with Angellist.

Thank you all very much, participants.

Got 6o-something “yeses” and “maybes” signing up for our first events.  (6 came)

Okay, that will grow in time, I think.  I’ll just keep throwing out more sexual innuendo, and let’s see the room stay unfull, right?  (I can go all night.   Um, on the innuendo, I mean.)

Lassoed them all into one circle.  Sent out the invite to them promptly at 10:00 JST (Japan time = my time, believe it or not).
Problem: those invites who up in their stream, but do not pop up for people, or most people it would seem… Not sure what to do.  I mean, am I supposed to keep referring back to the yes/maybe list and invite each and every (there were over 6o) person by name?  To save the trouble, I did what we’ve been doing, standard practice for months: create a circle for the hangout event, invite from the “hangoutonair.”  This is what I did.  We got half a dozen.  Next time, it will be “full-house,” as our membership is growing and people will see that we are going to be speaking regularly.

In fact, if people are up for it, I can launch a regular USA time Sunday evening hangout just for the Bootstrapping Social Startups community.  I would prefer to do this after we get some ideas on what people want to workshop with fellow bootstrappers on.  Ideas, please, in the Community discussion thread.  Our Carlos Romero suggested a regular weekly hangout, and I’m all for it.  Let’s get our topics ready, first.  I want ideas.  Let me suggest a couple, please suggest them in the Community discussion thread.

Bootstrappers, what would you be up for, in weekly show-n-tells?

  • Ideation: how do we get great ideas?
  • Fund-raising: the buck starts… where?
  • Team-building: Lemme guess – its a “technical founder” that you want, maybe?
  • I’m having trouble sleeping: please put us all to sleep with the story
  • I’m ready to wake up: please tell us the RiteTag story
  • Strategy and housekeeping, etc. – for the Bootstrapping Social Startups LinkedIn Group and the Google+ Community by the same name
  • SitesShots: show us your site or wireframes (like “FastPitch,” you get muted if you go over  minutes)

What else should we do with weekly workshops?

By the way, if we get enough people coming, we can increase to hold fifteen bootstrappers in a hangout.  Just throwing that out there.

I’m even doing them in Japanese, too.   Today, I am running a workshop on Hashtag Power and RiteTag.

About Saul Fleischman

Founder of emerging social media tool sites. Bootstrapping innovation with lean startup development teams. I do project management, user experience, PR, marketing and community development. size it!

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  • Abdul Qoyyuum

    Interesting. At first, I thought you meant Twitter Bootstrap. Well at least this is a good start. I sent a request to join the community. May perhaps I find someone to work with on a web project that I’m working on.

    • OsakaSaul

      Thanks, yes, Twitter Bootstrap, and “responsive design” in general, have been all the rage for the last six months. Welcome to Bootstrapping Social Startups, by the way, thanks for joining us.

    • Saul Fleischman

      Glad to have you with us.

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