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RiteTag wants your challenge

by Saul Fleischman on December 12, 2012

Challenge RiteTag

Test us, we’re ready.  Don’t even be nice, we can take it.

Say you have a project, campaign or business to promote, and would like to reach more people, and especially, those who are interested in what you are presenting, but are not already your raving fans?

You like the sound of reaching those who don’t already know you, and going beyond your followers with topic hashtags that are actively and also passively tracked, right?

Tell me in G+ (connect, message me, and hangout with me to tell me what you need) what you would like topic #hashtag suggestions for – your topic – for any/all (please list them): PICASA, GOOGLE+, TWITTER, FLICKR, VIMEO, INSTAGRAM, DEVIANTART, SLIDESHARE, and/or EBAY.

What do you get?

I will order a RiteTag Report with the key word terms that you use now, to define your topic(s), and we’ll see what hashtags you should consider using – to reach beyond your followers.

The report to the right shows just the top of the report, leading with the tags that are effective on more than one social network that the reporter-orderer (me, in this case) uses or cares about.  Further down, you get network-by-network tags, in RiteScore order of reach, relevance, and engagement likelihood.

You would have to get in there, click tags under the networks (center) to open the tabs for content, users (and number of times they have used each hashtag, and when the tags have been in play recently.  Data is refreshed every few minutes, so it is very current and useful.

Hey! Where’s Facebook?

There are a couple dozen photo-sharing, video-related and other social networks and sites the RiteTag team plans to integrate.  You’ll soon be able to optimize tags for the networks you are active on, all from RiteTag.  We will make it easy to share stuff from RiteTag to Facebook, and even do the fanpage thing.  However, unless Facebook changes and adds topic hashtagging, it wont be integrated as a searchable network.  After all, in Facebook, all you can tag are people and pages.

Any thoughts on how there is no topic organization of Facebook posts through topic hashtags?

This is how G+ fans tend to feel on the topic.

Sharing stuff on sweepstakes, contests or giveaways in Twitter and/or Google+?

Please use the Ritetag report I made, thinking to use in the presentation, to demonstrate what your PR and community manager person would do with RiteTag reports.  I made it public, it shows you the tags related to ‘sweepstakes’ in Twitter and G+, along with the who, what, when, and how many times per account using a tag. Play with it, and get in RiteTag to make your own reports: The Sweepstakes Report.

While you can’t use the interactive report in here, here’s what they look like.  This below image shows you just the very top of the RiteTag “elearning” report, only ordered for Twitter and Google+, and with the tabs from hashtags unopened. See the full report – and put it to work for you in RiteTag, once you register.

The "elearning" RiteTag Report

RiteTag: what else you got for me?

Aggregation, Curation, and brand monitoring!

Oh!  Yes!  We are also really, really useful for content aggregation and curation.  Just see this post I created from the User Experience and UX RiteTag Reports content, aggregated into my UX RiteTag Collection and curated to this post: User Experience RiteTag Collection.

And please G+ hangout with me soon, let me know what features and functionality you would like to see in RiteTag?

Hey, didn’t I promise to explain what RiteTag does – like nothing else – for brand monitoring…?  I did.  And I will.  But not here.  Hangout with me in G+, and let me know you want me to come through on that.  And I will.

About Saul Fleischman

Founder of emerging social media tool sites. Bootstrapping innovation with lean startup development teams. I do project management, user experience, PR, marketing and community development. size it!

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