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Startuplife RiteTag Collection

by Saul Fleischman on December 5, 2012

RiteTag for Content Discovery, Aggregation and Curation

The below content was all curated in five minutes from a number of networks’ hashtags’ content from the (public) “StartupLife” RiteTag Report and saved as a “Collection.”  Here is what I have saved for later, with attribution to those who originally shared the content – all details provided within RiteTag and savable to your private Collections:

From Google+

  •  Chris Bui Just launched my #minimumviableproduct. It’s an analytics tool that helps you sift
  • through all of the hundreds of one off long tail keywords that hit your website and generates targeted
  • keywords for you automatically.#leanstartup     #seo
  •  Daniël Crompton Evernote remembers to “get out the building” #leanstartup I love + , when
  • they something that can do with improving they make it better. And like many companies they too
  • sometime forget to Get Out The Building and do customer interviews.As one of the founders of Skitch,
  • I want to say that Skitch is something very personal to me. I realize that we’ve been so heads down
  • for the last 16 months building that we’ve not taken the time to say hello and share our perspective
  • on what’s happening in our world. And Skitch is all about sharing perspective.
  •  L’Elite Network 1. Learn often, fail fast and get out of the building! 2. Fake it before you
  • make it. 3. Start small then scale up. 4. Keep iterating. 5. Don’t lose sight of the vision.6. MVP:
  • minimum awesome not awful. 7. The web is your lab, keep testing and measuring. #LeanStartup
  •  Ralf Lippold This also called #PDCA -cycle, or the essence of a #LeanStartup  (approach,
  • which actually can be applied to any activity which (eventually) leads to a startup itself). If
  • interested to learn how a ballet company is (unconsciously) using this approach to create the most
  • amazing productions, check out my blog (go for “Ballet” in
  • the search field or the tag cloud). Most recent learning encounter at#BellaFigura  yet to come
  • (working on it right now ;-))cc +Abundance +Learning Factory +LockSchuppen +Singularity
  • University +SingularAcademy  #Lean
  •  Richard Wooding Product Development tips at #gsouthafrica: Eat your own dog food,
  • measure everything, Innovate with the data.  Sounds very much like one of my favourite books:
  • Lean Startup by Eric Rees. #leanstartup

From Twitter

From Instagram

From Flickr

by TechCocktail

Want some of this goodness for yourself?

You don’t even need to sign up – though it is free.  RiteTag is still a little “hit or miss,” so we’d like you with us, RiteTaggin’ and bug-reportin’.

Just click this link to see the tags per network related to the queried term ‘startuplife’ and…

  • see also who is sharing them, what they’re saying, and when.
  • if you want to grab some tags for your content, tick boxes in the center, and the “save” button at the bottom of the report page.

Have at it –  like dozens of other RiteTag Reports, StartupLife is public and free, and while you curate material without registering (free, with Twitter) , you can copy tags and go (tick boxes) and learn the who, why and how of tags discovered in RiteTag Reports.

Watch me aggregate, curate and use “collected” content discovered in RiteTag in the video embedded at the bottom of this article.

Are you RiteTagging yet?  We are still in private beta, and go buggy from time to time.  We would love your thoughts, ideas, critique – it’s all very, very welcome.  G+ Hangout with me, and we’ll screenshare at each other and share the hidden tricks and bugs in the hashtag optimization tool,

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Founder of emerging social media tool sites. Bootstrapping innovation with lean startup development teams. I do project management, user experience, PR, marketing and community development. size it!

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