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Do you actually need your own blog?

by Saul Fleischman on January 30, 2013

There are benefits to owning a domain and running a blog on it

They are all about control:

  • The owner controls comment moderation
  • Widgets appear where you like, and they promote you
  • You add and remove pages, and control the menu
  • You establish the look of the site and change it at will
  • The owner shares the love by offering others the ability to guest post, once or on a regular basis
  • The owner accumulates value for his blog as he earns links in from sites and blogs that refer to his blog

Demerits to starting from scratch with your own blog

They aren’t all about control (or costs, even):

  • You begin with zero page rank, ALEXA, or links in to a new blog
  • Your blog is known to no one, and no one is looking for it
  • By establishing a blog, you show that you recognize yourself to be a thought leader.  It probably means more if someone else evaluates your articles and wants you to write for their blog.
  • Yes, you get to pay for three fun things when you start a blog:
  1. The domain will cost you every year
  2. Webhosting
  3. Design, unless you are going to do it all yourself.

I love to share the love

I occasionally extend an offer to take one or more articles from friends and writers I admire, and since I use the author box you see below, the guest author on my blog benefits:

  • Their bio, photo, and link are prominently displayed at the bottom of each article, along with the author name preceding the article body (just under the title).
  • Their Google+ link in the author box does two things:
  1. It allows readers interested in the guest author to go directly to a Google+ profile (“about page”) which is not mine, but rather, the guest author’s.
  2. It forces Google Search to index the URL of the article to the guest author, so it becomes part of a body of work that comes up in search results for their name.

And for me?  I get to share something of value, a well-shared blog with substantial history and profile, with a friend whose writing I admire.

Here I am, speaking with two advisors to the RiteTag project, on why Megan Rose might want to become write regularly for this blog:


Dan Nichol‘s posts can be found from a search of “Dan Nichols” in the search box on or from this link.


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