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Startup 3-Minute Fastpitch

by Saul Fleischman on February 7, 2013

Startup founders, dreamers, CTO’s, and people with projects, there was interest in a Startup 3-Minute Fastpitch show, but alas, our membership is still small, people are spread out around the world, and when I scheduled it (a week in advance, in Events), in fact, there were just two of us, +Jose Albis and I who would have presented.  Jose and I agreed to save our pitches for when we can get them in a “show,” with more founders prepared to fast-pitch.

Fellow Startup Founders, can I ask you to do a couple easy things?

Help me to help you.

In the comments on my post in the Hangouts  forum in our G+ Community, Bootstrappers, please let me know if you are building something that you could be ready to introduce in speech, and in just 3 minutes.  Let me know if you could do that in mid-February, and if there is a time-range/day you might suggest.  I am thinking Either USA East Coast time Saturday evening, February 16, or Sunday Feb 17 Evening.  Feel free to suggest day/time and your zone.

Help this community grow.

You will see a community description to th left, under the post categories.  Why not write something, or grab a piece of what I wrote in there, and invite specific startup founders and/or circles, and share this community, please?  Maybe even do that a couple times/month?  Please keep in mind, with larger numbers, when we want to launch Startup shows by G+ Hangoutonair, like this one I thought many of you would want to get in on, we will be able to find groups of startup founders in a couple time zones, and launch a couple times/month.  If there are at least 6 founders ready to pitch, I’ll launch it, record the video, and be happy to show you how to use that video to really get some good PR exposure for what you’re perfecting.  So, please, share the community, with some introduction for why you would recommend it?  Tag people, so they’ll see in notifications, if you know of people who should be in here with us.

What can you pitch?

A social media tool site, or an application, please. Not simply a service that you offer or an existing business opportunity. This would be for startups, whether bootstrapped, or funded.  No multi-level marketing schemes, please.  If in doubt, please check with me.  I’m pretty open-minded, but really, we are about supporting those building new things, not flogging this and that which was made by others, and you might be an affiliate for.

What can you be the goal(s) of your pitch?

Beta-testers, paid/pro users, investors, co-founders or staff for your undeveloped concept, or feedback on the need for what you are thinking to build.  If you are going for feedback only, please be considerate enough to do some research on your own, and see if what you aim to invent may already have been invented.

I was asked whether 3 minutes is enough time to explain what your project does/will do.

If you have a project that is inventive, something you believe in, it is reasonable to expect you to know your own thing, and thus come prepared to pitch it in three minutes – just like you get at a Startup Weekend event.  Three minutes.  This let’s everyone hear several pitches, rather than a long demonstration, and for the video the G+ Hangoutonair, let’s remember that it streams to Youtube and can be viewed live, and also gets recorded, so we can all share it and use it in many places.  Let’s consider the resulting video that we will produce, and aim to  have something that is focused, clear, and without too much extraneous drawn-out discussion – which is what tends to get people clicking off the video.  Here‘s an example of how I showed how to use RiteTag for bloggers, and how to curate content discovered from hashtags within RiteTag Reports, aggregate it, copy it, and use it in a blog post – with attribution to content creators.  13 minutes.  I focused on being succinct.

Organizing these things takes work.

I’ll do the bulk of that.  You want in?  You’ll be expected to help.  Participants will be asked to help spread announcements of the show, before we run it and during the event.  And then, we’ll ask everyone to help with sharing the video, using it in blog posts, etc.  Everyone involved will be expected to do their part.  As for how much time you get, let’s make this a show, something worthy of people’s time (to watch), so let’s keep it to 3-minute pitches.  We anticipate leaving up to a few minutes following each pitch to allow for questions.  Let this be an opportunity for you to show off your self-disciplined and work ethic.  Come prepared.

What about Feedback on our 3-minute presentations?

Feedback will be after we end the recording.  This will let everyone be completely candid – and as scathing as they care to be.  We’ll be “off-air” for that.

About Saul Fleischman

Founder of emerging social media tool sites. Bootstrapping innovation with lean startup development teams. I do project management, user experience, PR, marketing and community development. size it!

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