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by Saul Fleischman on February 13, 2013

RiteTag has two really fun and prominent internship opportunities

1. Could you be our Frontend Baddass?

Got php and mysql ability and love what we are completing?  Please talk with me ( ) soon.

RiteTag Mobile Ideation - Courtesy of Robert Fransgaard

The backend badass will work directly with Founder, Michal Hudeček, our technical lead.  We need someone with proven php and mysql abilities, to work on what we have already planned, as well as contributing ideas to change our direction.  We are not paying.  We are, however, offering someone what could be a huge career-starter.  We prominently credit our staff, and we actively mentor each other.  We have a brilliant designer/UI/technical lead man, and very good algorithm/backend man, and am the original founder, serving up features, UX, PR, marketing, and community development.  We need one more person for database and front/backend work, and to contribute ideas that we can together build RiteTag from.

2. Public Relations, Community Management and Social Media Marketing Fast-Mover

Got the guts to engage with hashtag-thinkers and then help them, one-on-one, to make things happen for their businesses by using RiteTag really, really well?  Do you love what we are completing?  Please talk with me ( ) soon.

The Fast-Mover intern will work with me – the other founder – and join in workshops, become an instant expert in using RiteTag, a gradual thought-leader in hashtags, a hands-on marketing problem-solver, and does not need to bring much experience to this job.  Eagerness, attention to detail, zero flakiness (i.e. someone who schedules meetings in Google Calendar and makes our business a priority) and the ability to win people over with their affability will do just fine.

If you become our Fast-Mover, you will be:

  • quoted in blogs worldwide and with multiple specialties
  • invited to present RiteTag in meetings with big shots
  • watch your social media presence, Klout and all that sky-rocket
  • will be soon fending off offers to community manage for other startups… because you’ll want to stay with our team, for the next project (in which you will be a partner).
  • will be making quick videos like this one, demonstrating how to put a RiteTag Report to work:

What does RiteTag already do?  What will it do?

RiteTag is a social media tool site that allows you to order interactive reports that suggest hashtags related to a query word/word group, for nine social networks (to start). We show the when, who, how many times/user, and what content has gone out with each related tag, and much more. Saving “tag sets”, curating and aggregating content discovered from tags, and creating your own “safe for work/safe for kids” filter is already in place. But we’re going big, and to pick up the pace, we would like to speak with you – if you fall in love with our project. We’ll settle for nothing less. php, mysql, and someone who sees already the tremendous market value in a perfected RiteTag.   See more on the new versatility of RiteTag here.  Talk with me in Google+, if you seem like a good fit for our team, we’ll hangout and I will give you a personal tour of RiteTag – and talk with you about features that we have planned.

We already are live, in private beta stage: the ultimate hashtag optimization tool

What you can see and use is already our second iteration, and just keeps getting better: - If you don’t use it already, but would be interested in working, as we do, for equity of what is already the most significant multi-network hashtags optimization tool, let me welcome you to sign up, try it – and when you apply for the private beta, please mention interest in possibly joining our team for fast approval.

We’re getting great press – just google-search ‘ritetag’ to see for yourself.  And we need one more person, someone with strong php and mysql skills – and would like to own part of RiteTag, as a co-founder.  Here’s a new interview, with the San Francisco-based NerdStalker show:

NerdStalker takes on RiteTag: Bootstrapping a social media tool – and the need for it which became evident during the big Tohoku earthquake era.

Want in? Please talk with me ( ) about what you would bring to our project.

About Saul Fleischman

Founder of emerging social media tool sites. Bootstrapping innovation with lean startup development teams. I do project management, user experience, PR, marketing and community development. size it!

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