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Do I give startup bootstrappers enough?

by Saul Fleischman on March 6, 2013

I certainly mean to do so.  I work on two projects for which, among the other hats I wear, I am the PR guy as well.

I actively seek out media exposure for my projects.  I work daily to introduce these babies of mine to more people, connect with new communities and encourage feedback from users from as many walks of life as possible.  I make myself very available.  Sometimes, as Tomáš Dostál explained, in the Googleplus Bootstrappers Community, bloggers can ask a bit much of us:

“Hello #bootstrappers, I have just been received with “attitude” from one start-up blogger.  I have sent him message if he would like to write about my start-up #badgefever  on his blog and he is replying without any manners, and listed tasks I have to do in order for him to write about my start-up.  I find that very annoying. Creating start-up is already pretty hard work, and this guy expects me to jump through the hoops for him. I think that he should be eager for new content, rather then giving me homework… I really don’t think so that I should be asked to make 100 comments on blog, bring 50 new people and other tasks in order to publish article about my project.  But maybe I am wrong, what do you guys think?”

I figure startup founders might think to team up, support each other, share for each other, and in as many ways as possible and time-effective.

I immediately signed up for BadgeFever, for which Tomáš Dostál is the founder.  I then shared his Indiegogo crowdfunding page publicly in Google+, with my recomendation:

sharing badgefever


Jorge Avila replied to : “As a blogger, I can tell you sometimes the amount of posts requests we get can be a little overwhelming.
I usually ask people to help me out in pointing the must-see things of their app, so I can move faster. But I never ask for a comment, sharing or anything like that, neither money. I believe people pushing us content is a great way for us to reduce our scouting work. Of course I only blog about things I believe will add value to our readers :).
I value the time and attention of people sending us their stuff, that means they consider us a window to the world.”

To this, I added the story of the most a startup blog editor ever asked of me.  I will title this little exchange of emails…

I will do interviews in the middle of the night, dress to your liking, record videos and pretty much do anything within reason to help you with exclusive blog material if you believe your reads would want to know how RiteTag, the hashtag search tool can help them.

I make myself available to journalists big and small, 7 days/week, happy to answer questions, do interviews, give “tours” of RiteTag, but recently I was told that to be picked up by an internet startup blog, I would be expected to do as the blog editor asked:

HIM: We’d like you to help out with the social sharing of the article .

ME: Absolutely. In fact, I believe I may surprise you with how many people would tweet, G+-share, FB-share, etc. the article; I need only know when the article goes live.

HIM: We’ll need quality screen-shots with full descriptions, for our exclusive use.

ME: Gladly. I can prepare them and attach to email or send over through Google Drive or Dropbox.  Your wish is my command.

HIM: We will want you to write a 100% original article, to be used no where else in the future.

ME: I could provide a press-kit.  With respect, we hope that you see enough in to warrant you or one of your contributing writers reviewing it yourself, please.  I appreciate your consideration.

HIM: We would insist that you link to our site, not your article, from both and

ME: Perhaps we could speak by SKYPE or G+ Hangout?  I’m sure we can find a happy middle to meet at in regards to these issues.

(And then, no reply from the blog editor…)

The above story is an exceptional case, right?  I rarely am asked to jump through as many flaming hoops to get picked up by a blog.  It happens, though.

Is there more I should be doing to get attention from entrepreneurship, internet startups and social media tools blog editors?

Do you have a startup PR story of anguish to share?

Am I nuts…?

About Saul Fleischman

Founder of emerging social media tool sites. Bootstrapping innovation with lean startup development teams. I do project management, user experience, PR, marketing and community development. size it!

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