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Busting moves with #hashtags for #marketing

by Saul Fleischman on April 3, 2013

How to decide how you will use hashtags for search optimization

The following image was found in “nickable assets” on the London Strategy Unit site:

I speak with people every day on getting things done with hashtag marketing

Let me save you a little time, since I know how the majority of low-budget marketing campaigns will maneuver through that maze

This is what you are telling me about how you are thinking to use hashtags for marketing:

  1. You want to use hashtags to broaden the reach of your brand through tweets and social media account updates.
  2. People are not already using your hashtags.
  3. You are not going to pay to promote the tags.
  4. There is no reason to believe that the hashtags you will use will catch on – on their own.
  5. You do not have the finances to incentivise use of your hashtags.
  6. You will create brief but easily understood tags which will be of interest to those who are not already following you.
  7. Your hashtags will either be used with event/news-cenetered major hashtags (and thus be of short-term value) or…

You need to understand that becoming known and tracked from your hashtags will require consistent use, over the long-term.

Are you ready to try guerrila hashtag marketing?

If you remember nothing else, as the Rob Bass song went, it takes two to make a thing go right.  (He was rapping about hashtags, no doubt.)

Use your business, event, or campaign hashtag together with a relevant major hashtag: it takes the two, together, to make a tag get followed.  Order RiteTag reports for the networks you share updates/images/presentations/videos/ebay offers to, and think like your audience for terms to order reports for.  For example, if I am talking on hashtag optimization, I look at my RiteTag Report for this query (public – just click on that to open it; you don’t even need to register for RiteTag to see and use this interactive report), tick boxes  under Twitter and Googleplus for tags with long pink lines – indicating the reach of the tags, relative to other that have come up with my query over a long period of time, and decide on the following hastags to use with #ritetag.  They are hashtags that are used far more than #ritetag, as I see in the RiteTag report, and relevant to my post, so I will use them with #ritetag – to introduce our tag to more people:

 #channelbranding #hashtag #hashtags

Three hashtags is a lot to use with my content and also our tag, #ritetag, in Twitter, but in Googleplus, where I have plenty of text space for posts, I can do that unobtrusively; I will keep the tags below my content, and use all of these and also #ritetag.

googleplus channel branding

In Twitter, I may integrate tagged word in the content, as I did here:

twitter channel branding

Are you doing what it takes to reach beyond your followers?

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