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I think I can make Captcha fun

by Saul Fleischman on August 14, 2013

Find Captcha fun?  Neither do I.

Captcha is the twisty letters thing that keeps you and what you want to do in websites apart.  Captcha is the flaming hoop you jump through to post blog comments, follow people in Twitter and go where site admins want actual human, not bots, to go.

+Simon Roberts and I believe Captcha is boring.  And we can do better.

Simon and I had one meeting on bootstrapping projects, I mentioned a wacky idea I had, and he liked it enough – to get started on it.  Please see the screenshot from the TrueTwit site.  We will offer something that solves the same problems with fake followers, probably do a bit more for paid users, and when you hear about it, you’ll see that our way is far more fun - for the user of our service and also the Twitter follower who is asked to go through our Captcha alternative.  Here are just a few of my ideas on what TrueTwit does, and what our Captcha-alternative should do:

Re-thinking Captcha and TrueTwit as well

Re-thinking Captcha

Simon and I are looking for one php developer and one web designer to join this project.

For a sense of where we’re going, just with the Captcha alternative (not integrated into a site or connected with anyone’s Twitter account yet), see:

To see how I get new projects off the ground and team-build, see this article I did, with my quick how-to video.
To learn about what Simon and I have in mind and see if you’d like to work with us, just add me to gmail chat, chat at me and we’ll do a video call ASAP:
To see what I’m up to in Google+, connect from
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