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Tagged versus non-tagged: what a hashtag gets me

by Saul Fleischman on August 21, 2013

I’m going to side-by-side it for you: with versus without one reaching hashtag.

I am scheduling five blog article tweets within Triberr, a blog-sharing site, and then, I will Tag Optimize and schedule to go out after the Triberr tweets through RiteTag.  Both Triberr and RiteTag convert the URL (the blog article) in each tweet to a unique tinyURL – so we can later see exactly how many clicks on the link each tweet got.  Also, we’ll see which got retweeted.

Here is just what I did with one of them:

First, I approved the post for auto-scheduling in Triberr.


Next, while I could have checked my Tag Sets or Top performing tags in RiteTag’s Tag Optimizer, I simply searched socialbusiness in RiteTag AI (also in Tag Optimizer):

docialbusiness: #socbiz

Then, having clicked on scope to the left of socialcrm, socialbusiness and socbiz – to see the type of tweets these tags have been used with, who is using them, the density of their use and the frequency of their use together with ‘socialbusiness,’ I clicked socbiz to add #socbiz to the tweet.  Lastly, I set the time and date and clicked Schedule.


I will do the same thing with four other articles currently up for sharing in Triberr.

I will approve for auto-scheduling in Triberr and I will then schedule each with just one hashtag from RiteTag‘s suggestions.  With two years of using Triberr, and knowing my settings, I can guess how soon those will go out.  I will schedule the RiteTagged tweets to go out after those.  This way, my tweeps have already seen the share of the blog post from me once, but those searching or tracking the hashtag used in each may see the tagged tweet, while they would not see the non-tagged Triberr tweet.  Below, I will share  screenshot of my retweets (from Hootsuite).

10 out of 11 of my last retweets, when this screenshot was taken, are tweets Tag Optimized and scheduled through RiteTag:

recent retweets of saul

Same tweet sent with and without one good tag: 3 retweets vs. 1

What’s more, the same tweet I schedule in Triberr, I also scheduled in RiteTag, to go out later.  Thus, my tweeps had just seen the tweet, hours before, and though I sent it again, through RiteTag, with one smart hashtag, I got 3 retweets on it vs. 1 when sent without a hashtag:

recent retweets of saul-annotated2

Of course, RiteTag has never been just for Twitter.

RiteTag‘s (currently free) Tag Optimizer will soon offer Google+ tag optimization and sharing directly from RiteTag – and more social networks to come.

Are you in on the Ritetag private beta yet?  We’ll be approving people to use it free within days.

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