Why Make Apps With OsakaBentures?
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Why Make Apps With Us?

What We Bring to the Table

For Multilingual Web-Based Application Development

We aim to start beta-launches with both English and Japanese Graphical User Interfaces (localized GUI). The Japanese are early adopters, and actually hate to read English; let’s engage them quickly with Japanese menus. As for earning the interest and time, feedback, and recommendations from first users, we endeavor to promote, engage, and create communities in both the English-speaking world and Japanese society as well.
Saul’s the marketing geek who knows engagement / you are the coder geek who does it all himself and hacks through barriers of every type. Partner with us and be English / Japanese Localized from pre-beta launch.


Applications Development Experience

  • A professional social networking portal (unlaunched) which is a much more communicative LinkedIn – and keeps the user engaged with a user interface that is actually enjoyable.
  • A multimedia Twitter search application (alpha) that takes whatever’s on your mind from Twitter and gives you a palette of open-source media goodies to develop content with.

What Inspires Us in Applications Innovation

Make it only if its going to do some good.

Reduce suffering, connect people, end racism, or at least reduce cross-cultural communication blocks. We get fired up about your app when it can be modified into something that will do some real good for people – or living things, at least.

What We Think About Social Media

We’re only in it where we are part of the signal and none of the noise.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a powerful yet inexpensive spectrum of methods for getting attention, keeping attention, keeping your company and products in front of eyeballs making consumers and distributors feel that they are listened to building and monitoring product/brand interest, sales, and loyalty building and modifying corporate/brand image, reputation management, image management and loyalty conducting market research retrieving feedback from all sales channels, all levels, faster than ever before in history.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is also a dynamic useful for enticing brand and product evangelism.

Social Networks are a hardly a passing fancy, but rather the dominant mode of communication over the internet. In Japan they are well utilized, and Japan even has her own – like Mixi. OsakaBentures uses our own techniques and tactics to create grassroots marketing campaigns for established as well as start-up businesses – and will be doing the same for application projects we partner with.

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How can we change your company?

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