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I wish I could say that our Daily Sex Tips from Hawai’i contained everything you could ever want to know about sex, but I would be lying. Sex is amazing, frustrating, beautiful, joyous and complicated. It means something different to everyone. And while there are some constants with sex, other facets are constantly changing. There is no one tome that can ever contain it all. That’s probably why I am never bored as a Clinical Sexologist. There is just too much to examine and appreciate about our collective sexuality.

I do believe our tips are perfect for just scratching the surface or to help think about sex in a new and different way. Always wondered what female ejaculation was? Ever felt a littler weird about that fantasy you keep having? Don’t know where to start with online dating? Daily Sex Tips from Hawai’i are the highlights of my work in the field of sexuality over the past 18 years. I‘ve seen and heard it all from managing sexual health clinics to teaching at various colleges to my private practice to writing for online and print magazines to  my successful podcasts. 

Yes, my ever so bite size and tasty tips of brevity are fun and easy to digest but they are by no means the whole enchilada. So, my wonderful team of producers and sponsors got together and decided to offer this video iBook that would not only include the Daily Sex Tips we’ve already published on iTunes, but also offer more in depth written  information on each topic. I’ll go from touching on the high points of female masturbation, to discussing more about orgasmic sexual response and specific techniques to drive her wild in bed. It’s a smorgasbord of sex ed info! Ok, enough, with the food references. Anyway, I have written each of the descriptions just like I would speak them, so hopefully you’ll find them engaging, accessible and easy to understand. No white coat doctor jargon here.
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